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Main areas of expertise


I would like to join a multi-disciplinary team to create applications using the most advanced technologies, but more importantly to provide services that best respond to what users need.


Since March 2013

Contractor with Ministry of Justice

London, UK

Senior developer

2014-2015: lead developer on MOJ Digital digital-by-default projects: Court and Tribunal Finder (full-stack), Parliamentary questions tracker and Digital Justice (front-end). Advisor on web accessibility, standards and technical architecture.

Technical architect

2013-2014: first architect appointed at MOJ Digital. Contributed to setting up the team's tech infrastructure, recruited developers and oversaw the design of the division's exemplar projects.

  • Advising on the release of MOJ's open data, and contributing to MOJ's EU IT integration.
  • Member of the Government's Technical Standards Panel and the Transparency Practitioners Group
Since March 2013

Medium Waves Ltd

London, UK

Consultant and developer

Consultancy and web development work in emerging countries. Recent clients: National Agency for the Control of AIDS (Nigeria), Sahel Eco (Mali), USAID, MTV Nigeria.


World Wide Web Foundation

Brussels, Belgium

Programme Manager of the Mobile Entrepreneurs project

  • Managed the creation of a web-technology incubator in Accra, Ghana.
  • Recruited local staff, international trainers and consultants.
  • Co-designed the training curriculum of all technical modules.
  • Established and managed relationships with local ICT businesses and NGOs
  • Conducted field visits and training sessions as part of the project's expansion to Kenya, Rwanda and Senegal.

Chief Software Architect

  • Led the design of the software architecture for the Web Foundation's community radio platform for citizen journalism and agricultural information, used in projects Foroba Blon (funded by the International Press Institute), VOICES (EU FP7) and Al Jazeera.
  • Implemented the Interactive Voice Response and Web front-end interfaces of the platform.
  • Coordinated the design of applications for other projects (eg, entrepreneurship community platform, voice-enabled meeting planner for a Malian NGO)


2008 - 2010

Opera Software ASA

Oslo, Norway

Web standards designer, core team

  • Web standards work with W3C working groups: geolocation, device APIs.
  • Edition and publication of internal and public specifications
  • Interoperability test suite design
  • Guidance of specification implementers
  • Participation in other standards bodies: OMTP, OIPF.

Software engineer, Web applications team

  • Participated in the design of Opera's widget infrastructure, and Opera Unite
  • Managed programmers and designers for the design of mobile widget interfaces.
  • Tech lead in negociations with mobile network operators for embedding Opera.
2007 - 2008

Joost Technologies B.V.

Leiden, Netherlands

Senior Engineer and Product Manager (Website)

  • Managed the website team: internal resources and relationships with other company stakeholders: QA, Operations, PR, Content and Legal
  • Designed and partly implemented a back-end architecture for Joost's Electronic Programme Guide
  • Collaborated with the Joost client developers on standards usage, and implemented and tested widgets.

Senior front-end engineer

  • Technical adviser for the support team.
  • Designer and implementer of main user statistics site.
  • Front-end social website developer
2000 - 2007

World Wide Web Consortium

Sophia-Antipolis, France

Activity Lead for the Device Independence and Voice Browser activities

  • Team Contact for the Voice Browser Working Group. Contributing to the VoiceXML2, SRGS, SSML and CCXML specifications. Handling group's administration, Web pages, and internal documents.
  • Participated in EU-IST project MWeb
  • Team Contact for the Multimodal Interaction Working Group. Contributing to the writing, editing and publication of the EMMA, InkML and MMI System and Enviroment specifications. Presented the work of the group at conferences.
  • Programme Committee member of Workshop on Voice, Natural Language and Semantic Web Technologies (VNLSW2005)

Mathematics Activity Lead

  • Managed the Math Working Group, contributing to the projects of the group: co-wrote and edited MathML specification, wrote and reviewed WG notes and documents, maintained the public and WG Web pages, assisted the WG with chartering and publication processes. Wrote presentations and articles on mathematics on the Web.

Team contact for the XSL Working Group

1997 - 2000

Computer Graphics Group, University of Bath

Bath, UK

Research Associate

  • Design IRCS, a complete 2D rendering system for colour compositing of very large bitmap images and geometric shapes.
  • Designed and implemented image analysis and vectorisation software.
  • Wrote and contributed to research publications, presented research work at various conferences and workshops.
  • Developed student administration tools for School of Mathematics
  • Contributed to two major research projects: Platform For Animation and Virtual Reality, funded under the EU Training and Mobility of Researchers programme, to study common problems in distributed virtual reality and 3D animation, and EPSRC-funded Quasi-3D", developed a 2.5D computer graphics animation system.
  • Wrote and presented research papers and project reports (see below).
  • Peer-reviewed articles for computer graphics journals and conferences.
1990 - 1992

Imagia Software

Lille, France

GIS software engineer (part-time)

Developed image decoder, vector drawing software, and Ada bindings for the GKS graphics library.


Free Software Contribution



PhD Computer Science

Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille, Université de Lille I, France.

Thesis: Computer aided geometric design and optimisation of surface tessellations for parallel hardware rendering

Research Projects:

  • Computer graphics hardware for massively parallel rendering
  • Computer-Aided Geometric Design using low-degree algebraic surfaces
  • Augmented reality surgery simulation

Msc Computer Science

Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France.

Main subjects: programming, theoretical computer Science, computer graphics, parallel computing


BSc Maths and Physics.

Universite Catholique de Lille, France

Teaching Experience

1993 - 1995 Post-graduate teaching assistant at Lille Institute of Technology, Computing Department: programming, operating systems.
1994 - 1996 Post-graduate teaching assistant at École Universitaire d'Ingénieurs de Lille: computer graphics, programming. 1993 - 1996 Post- and undergraduate teaching assistant at Lille University: computer graphics, computer algebra systems.
1996 - 1997 Undergraduate teaching assistant at Lille Institute of Technology, Business Department: computing basics, databases, networks.
1997 - 2000 Undergraduate teaching assistant at University of Bath, Computer Science: software engineering.
2010-2012 Speech Technologies and Applications in Senegal and Ghana

Publications and Presentations

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