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Dutchr is a simple flashcard Web application. You enter your cards in a special file and the application pops up a random card at regular intervals. Best way to understand is to try it.


The Name

I originally wrote Dutchr to help me learn Dutch. It would perster me every 10 minutes and ask me what a Dutch word means in English. Now I'm learning Norwegian, but I kept the name and just changed the flashcards file.


This is where it gets a little bit tricky. You're obviously going to want to change the flashcards file, so you need to download all the files and run the application locally (or put them on your own web server). So the best way is to download the files (this is a zip archive, that doesn't create a subdirectory, so beware), unzip them, edit cards.js, and then open index.html in your browser. If you would like to use it as a Opera widget, you would open the config.xml file.

Max Froumentin, max @ lapin - bleu . net