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jpegrot is a interactive tool to manage one's pictures. It will display a thumbail view of the files in a chosen directory, and will let the user quickly rotate or delete some of the pictures. Exif data is used to try and make the rotating as automatic as possible.

What differentiates jpegrot from other such tools is that the actual rotation of the image files is done after the user has selected the correct orientation of the thumbnails. Other tools will perform the rotation on the file immediately, and as picture files get bigger and bigger, the process becomes slow and annoying. Here only the thumbnails rotate, and only after the user has set all the orientations, all the files are modified.

snapshot of jpegrot

This program requires gtk2, libexif and jpegtran


xcheckmail is like biff: it monitors a mailbox and warns of something has changed. But it does it in a more clever way: you can make it filter what emails you want to be warned about. It works on unix systems and requires X11/Motif.

snapshot of xcheckmail

latest release: xcheckmail-20050410


IRCS (Image Rendering and Compositing System) is a vector graphics renderer able to render very large pictures (1 million megapixels have been achieved). It was developed as part of my research work at Bath University, from 1997 to 2000. (See also this paper.)

It doesn't come with much (if any) documentation, and suffers from strong code rot, but feel free contact me if you have any questions.

IRCS.tgz (probably the final version)