Textorizer as a downloadable app

Update: SVG export now available

textorizer1_2 screenshot

A new version of textorizer is available: textorizer1_2. Because it’s now a downloadable application (for linux, windows, and osx) it offers unprecedented functionality: a complete user interface for tweaking almost all possible parameters, the ability to use images on your disk, and of course it works offline.

This was made possible (and easy) thanks to Processing, as well as controlP5.

Feedback is welcome at max @ lapin – bleu . net

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6 Responses to Textorizer as a downloadable app

  1. This is a wonderful peace of coding. My compliments. But I seem to struggle with some of the controls. I can’t figure out how to make lines straight or bended. Perhaps you can shed some light on that?

  2. site admin says:

    Hi Daan, the lines are always straight actually. They might look bended in the renderings, but they’re actually not!

  3. kuni says:

    textorizer1_2 windows ver.
    double click textorizer1_2.jar ->
    error show “could not fine the main class. program will exit.”
    double click textorizer1_2.exe ->
    not show any interface and image. not show anythings…
    Im’m install another PC. but same error shown..
    I’m already installed lastest ver java.
    what ploblem..?

  4. site admin says:

    I’ve tried again on a PC with Windows XP with the standard Java setup and it worked absolutely fine. Have you tried to run the .exe on the command line?

  5. sfong says:

    Is there a textorizer 2 version for download? I really like the full text coverage.

  6. site admin says:

    No textorizer 2 yet, I’m afraid. But it’s on my list of things to do.

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