Textorized in DUB

I wasn’t allowed to talk about it before, but now I can: my “textorizer 2” has been used to generate the murals that decorate the newly opened Pier D at Dublin Airport. I was contacted by SOM a few months ago in order to contribute my idea and its implementation, after they noticed my textorized Joyce on flickr. Pier D was opened a week ago and I was flown there last week, before the official opening, to see it all shiny and new. So I would like to thank SOM for contacting me about textorizer, crediting me on their great designs and very generously funding my other endeavours. That’s how Free Software should be rewarded. (See also their Pier D Environmental Graphics page).

Oscar Wilde textorizedWilde textorized (detail)
Joyce textorizedJoyce textorized (detail)

Top: Oscar Wilde design by SOM, and detail. Bottom: James Joyce design by me, and detail. Pier D has several other similar designs for various Irish writers, including Joyce (but it wasn’t conveniently located for a clear picture).

Update: only kidding. Bloody plagiarists 😉

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