Narrative timelines

Historique is a new web application to make interactive narrative charts. It lets you create events with dates, people with pictures and displays everything on various timelines.

Click on the screenshot to see a narrative chart of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 20.01.41

It was originally created to visualise the story of the research institute where I studied. In order to demo the concept, I wrote a generic applications and worked on a couple of instances (Yesstory, and this one). Possible applications include:

  • family history (showing weddings, births, etc)
  • organisations (creations, milestones, employees)
  • novels, films (chapters, scenes, characters)
  • Bands (albums, concerts)

The technologies used include: Django, Postgres, D3.js, nginx, bootstrap, heroku.

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