new jpegrot

I’ve found myself reviving this tool I wrote 2 years ago. It’s a simple utility that allows you to interactively rotate JPEG files. It looks for any Exif orientation information to automate the rotations but let you override it.
I’d stopped using it for more powerful tools but got increasingly frustrated by them. As the size of picture files gets bigger, it takes longer and longer to rotate them. And it’s annoying to sequentially go “look at picture, decide if I want to keep it, correct the orientation, wait for the big file to be rotated, and repeat. What jpegrot does is “look, decide, correct, repeat” and only at the end “wait while all the big pictures are rotated”. The waiting at the end is obviously long but is much less annoying as you can just go and do something else.

So now it’s back! I updated the code to match the latest Gtk API and added buttons to let you delete pictures.

New version available for Linux, requires Gtk2, libexif, jpegtran. License: GPL.

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