Inpired by Duncan Robertson’s BBC Logo in QR Code, as well as various similar attempts to make QR codes look pretty (I particularly like David Blume’s), and challenged by @danbri I wrote a little QR code (de)generator. It allows changing individual pixels, as well as adding a picture. Screenshots:


Whether the altered QR codes are still scannable is not measured by this tool, let alone guaranteed. You’ll need to scan them separately in order to make sure the message is still readable.

Things to add:
* a way of saving the code as an image file or SVG
* more than one picture
* “undo” functionality
* more complex pixel manipulation tools
* altering pixel shape and colour (using SVG filters, maybe)

This work wouldn’t have been written without Kazuhiko Arase’s QRコード JavaScript library. It is licensed under the MIT License. The source code is available on github.

Update: and here’s the link to qtqr. Doh.

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