2009 Calendar

It appears that my previous entry on calendars received some attention, so I thought I’d make a nice looking version for the New Year.

The design is somewhat arbitrary but it’s still possible to alter the parameters at the top of the JS file to change it. In fact there are now many more possible variations than with the last post.

To the download page!

If you’re still reading this, here’s a few technical notes:

  • I managed to somehow fit a year (and a few extra days) in the calendar by stretching horizontally on some values of x. Hence the irregular aspect of the overall shape. I’d have rather have found a proper rectangular curve, though.
  • Forget compactness! This layout may be defeating the purpose of the previous post, but it’s more practical in the end (e.g. for writing things on the calendar).
  • Now it works in Opera, Batik and Firefox. It seems that Safari definitely doesn’t support SVG masking.
  • I found a few other curve definitions (from fractint), but none worked better. They are in the source, though, so easy to play with.

Happy New Year!

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